Code of Business Principles

Since the beginning of operation, BIG SOLAR has strongly believed that a business can be competitive and efficient, with both ethical principles and social responsibility.

This frame of principles defines our responsibilities towards all those who are affected by our business activities. The commitment to these principles is confirmed on a daily basis by the conduct of all of us and is crucial for the continuance of our course.

Management considers its responsibility, the update of all employees, partners and suppliers, in order to achieve a consistent framework within the company.

Our company focuses its efforts on the following areas:

  • Towards Our Clients: We make every effort to provide quality products and services with competitive terms that meet our customers’ needs.
  • Towards our employees: We recognize that our people are our strength. Respect of their rights, ensuring non-discriminatory good and safe working conditions and their development, is essential to achieve our corporate goals.
  • To our business partners: We believe in mutual beneficial relationships with suppliers of products and services and with the contractors who work with us. We are committed to respect suppliers’ Code of Ethics and the same commitment is undertaken by our business partners.
  • Towards society: We operate as a responsible corporate citizen and contribute to the welfare and progress of the society.