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Solar thermal systems by BIG SOLAR Hot water everyday, everytime

The future of “clean energy” is a synthesis of technologies based on renewable energy sources like the sun, the wind etc., all of which play an increasingly important role in today’s global energy economy.

BIGSOLAR knows the sun very well! Its product portfolio includes solar water heaters and fan-assisted solar systems of its own name, which have unique characteristics that ensure using hot water all year around, in any season and under any weather circumstances. With high constructional standards and simple installation, the products of BIGSOLAR signify the new era in solar systems.

With high standards of construction and easy installation, BIGSOLAR products mark a new era in solar thermal systems.


Resistance: Outdoor lined aluminum shipbuilding guarantees resistance to ultraviolet rays, in coastal areas and humid climates. High performance titanium collector and unbreakable solar glass for greater strength and protection even from hail

Performance: Hot water even on icy winter days with little sunshine because of its strong polyurethane insulation and the high efficiency of the collector.

Long life span: Corrosion protection of enamel and magnesium rod.

Easy installation: The excellent exterior design of the apparatus in conjunction with the forcified support base offer the possibility of easy and tangential positioning of the device on tiles that blend with each architecture building.

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Times may change but our needs for a natural, clean and healthy environment – climate remain. We co-operate with leading cooling/heating and ventilation manufacturers and we possess a complete range of products, systems and tested applications for the improvement of the energy efficiency of buildings and the protection of the environment.

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