The management of the company has developed its Quality Policy in order to design and offer high quality projects using effective ways of implementation of its obligations to the customers, so that it can always be competitive.

BIG SOLAR through its Quality Policy is committed:

  • In the design and construction of high quality standards projects
  • In the delivery of the projects in the required time and fully covering the requirements of the customers
  • In taking the necessary measures in order to comply with the legal requirements related to the safety of the employees and generally the operation of the company
  • In the development of a mutual trust treaty and cooperation with the partners/suppliers
  • In the disposal of all the necessary sources for the preservation of the adequacy of the customer property products
  • In covering all subjects related to the confidentiality concerning any copyright or commercial property of the customer
  • In the constant observation of the evolutions in its field and its participation in them
  • In the effective confrontation and satisfaction of the existing and future needs in the training, education and expertise of the employees of the company
  • In offering the necessary sources for the maintenance and improvement of the efficiency of the Quality System of the company         In the ability of collecting the results for the operation and production in order to determine the quality goals, whose achievement is reviewed regularly

The ISO 9001 certification from a certified commission proves the commitment of our company to the quality and the satisfaction of our customers.